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We are lucky, at BlueFoot, to have team members that are incredibly invested in our vision and our success. Because of that investment in the company, they are constantly coming up with new ideas for BlueFoot - like a blog! We are incredibly thankful to Casey Vitiello for imagining this idea into existence, and putting in the research, creativity, and effort to provide really insightful blog posts every week!

With this blog, we are excited to share what BlueFoot can do to help clients, to show how BlueFoot can make an impact on strategy decisions, and to give you a little peek behind our curtains. You can also follow BlueFoot on LinkedIn to get the blog posts in your feed there. Enjoy!

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Many of you know Rachel Lee and Ramya Possett, the founders of BlueFoot, Inc. However, you probably don’t know the story of how they got started, or about the background behind our mascot, BlueFoot.

Intellectual property (#IP) rights -- copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets -- can make you a lot of money through licensing, lawsuits, or capital gains, but only if your company or IP law firm knows how to capitalize on the right industries at the right place and time. Identifying and analyzing the secrets of this strategy will tremendously propel your company’s growth forward.

The team at BlueFoot was curious: out of the industries that are doing particularly well now, which ones also experienced rapid growth in the years preceding 2020? Understanding the answer to this question is crucial -- the economic landscape is not so simple that we would be justified in blaming it all on the coronavirus. Any experienced financial analyst would warn you against investing in an industry without looking at its long-term historical trends beforehand.

We all know that right-sizing your company’s patent portfolio is essential to maintaining a successful business. But how do you know where to start? In our previous blog, we shared five trending industries that experienced VC investment growth before and during \the pandemic. How do we handle patents in these high-growth industries, where companies are all competing to be market leader? That’s where BlueSize comes in. BlueSize, our interactive portfolio recommendation dashboard, helps us determine how much each major player in the Cloud industry should increase their patent portfolio, given the competitive landscape. For our analysis, we homed in on the hypervisor, a building block of cloud computing, and took a stab at comparing some of the market leaders in this product category.

Managing patent risk and return is hard enough on the home front. But scale it internationally, and the words “comprehensive strategy” take on a whole new meaning – because now, you need to understand your competitive landscape and what they are doing on a country-by-country level across the world.

We at BlueFoot, Inc. are beyond excited to present The BlueFoot Dance, our new podcast! We guarantee that you will love listening in on the captivating conversations our founders, Ramya Possett and Rachel Lee, host with guest IP thought leaders. On each episode, the hosts and guest discuss strategy opinions as well as personal stories. Our first episode, launching this week, will feature Manny Schecter, Chief Patent Counsel of IBM . IBM owns one of the largest patent portfolios in the world under Manny’s leadership, so we are thrilled to share with you our conversation about his life and his perspective on IP strategy.

Your company has an array of unique products that need patent protection, to varying degrees. How can you sort out which product categories are sufficiently patented from those that are currently under- or over-patented? In Part 1 of the BlueSize series, we explained the basic organization of the BlueSize interactive patent tool. In Part 2, we dove deep into BlueSize’s advanced foreign filing feature. This week, in Part 3, we will look at the product categories that are fundamental to BlueSize’s specific and accurate recommendations.

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