Break It Down with the BlueFoot Dance Podcast

Break It Down with the BlueFoot Dance Podcast

We at BlueFoot, Inc. are beyond excited to present The BlueFoot Dance, our new podcast! We guarantee that you will love listening in on the captivating conversations our founders, Ramya Possett and Rachel Lee, host with guest IP thought leaders. On each episode, the hosts and guest discuss strategy opinions as well as personal stories. Our first episode, launching this week, will feature Manny Schecter, Chief Patent Counsel of IBM . IBM owns one of the largest patent portfolios in the world under Manny’s leadership, so we are thrilled to share with you our conversation about his life and his perspective on IP strategy.

(Want to know why we call it “BlueFoot Dance?” Tune in to the podcasts, and you’ll pick up on our signature song.)

Funnily enough, Ramya and Rachel listened to podcasts infrequently before beginning the BlueFoot Dance creation journey. But this past summer, Shye Gilad, founder of many entities including Business Owners Radio, and entrepreneur in residence at Georgetown University, suggested they get more involved with podcasts. In fact, what he had in mind was bigger than passively listening: he wanted them to create their own episodes for BlueFoot.

The more Ramya and Rachel thought about it, the more they could see the huge opportunity. Most existing intellectual property podcasts maintain an informational style and focus on case law; our founders knew this approach wasn’t for them, so they had never thought to make a podcast on the topic before.

But after doing further research into these existing IP podcasts, they saw a gap. Intellectual property law is a truly fascinating profession; it facilitates and protects innovation around the world. IP changes as rapidly as innovation does. In addition, IP professionals themselves are intelligent, interesting, and unique people. Every IP professional has a different perspective on where strategy is going.

People generally become intimidated by top managers at large firms; they can only see the job position, not the real person behind it. Ramya and Rachel knew that in order to make this podcast work, they would have to give their audience a look behind the curtain to the human under the IP role. Creating a sense of intimacy was essential.

Thus, for each guest on the podcast, Ramya and Rachel concentrate their questions on two things: their guest’s vision of how intellectual property strategy will evolve, and the true personality at the source of it all.

The more episodes Ramya and Rachel record, the more they realize they were right – each one of their guests has a unique perspective on the future of strategy. However, they have also noticed several overarching themes in their conversations, such as the need for more education around IP and the future implications of AI, to name a few.

BlueFoot Dance will kick off its first few episodes with Manny Schecter from IBM, Cassandra Derham from Amadeus, and Scott Pojunas from Google.

With each episode, we promise you a conversation that’s unique, noteworthy, and fun – just like BlueFoot itself. Make sure to check it out on all major podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more).

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