BlueSize Product Category Case Study (BlueSize: A Series, Part 3)

BlueSize Product Category Case Study (BlueSize: A Series, Part 3)

Your company has an array of unique products that need patent protection, to varying degrees. How can you sort out which product categories are sufficiently patented from those that are currently under- or over-patented?

In Part 1 of the BlueSize series, we explained the basic organization of the BlueSize interactive patent tool. In Part 2, we dove deep into BlueSize’s advanced foreign filing feature. This week, in Part 3, we will look at the product categories that are fundamental to BlueSize’s specific and accurate recommendations.

BlueSize is the only platform available that allows clients to compare revenue and patents in a specific product category and country. The platform is highly customizable; we can tailor the range of industries and product categories to fit your company’s individual needs.

Let’s look at some of the product groups in the Cloud industry. BlueSize explores several categories within Cloud, some of which include hypervisor, networking virtualization (NV), and infrastructure management software (IMS).

VMware, for instance, has hundreds of patent families in hypervisor, NV, and IMS. The table below summarizes BlueSize’s data and advanced recommendations by product category.

Based on each product category’s patent and revenue information, and the risk appetite that a client has for that product category, BlueSize provides a recommendation on whether to increase or decrease the size of that patent portfolio. This specific, data-driven recommendation enables a company to not only right-size its overall patent portfolio, but also visualize what that looks like and execute on recommendations for each product category. In this case, BlueSize has provided recommendations for VMware based on an assumption that VMWare, as a market leader, would want to continue to decrease its patent risk in 2021 in each of the three product categories that we examine.

BlueSize can help right-size a patent portfolio at the product category based on the risk appetite that a company has for that product category. It has been incredibly helpful in trimming down budgets, but also for making a case that additional patent spend would add significant business value. Contact BlueFoot to right-size your patent portfolio and create the patent story that you want to tell your C-suite.

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