Innovation is Everywhere! Are you?

Innovation is Everywhere!  Are you?

Intellectual property (IP) rights -- copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets -- can make you a lot of money through licensing, lawsuits, or capital gains, but only if your company or IP law firm knows how to capitalize on the right industries at the right place and time. Identifying and analyzing the secrets of this strategy will tremendously propel your company’s growth forward.

Despite COVID-19, thousands of entrepreneurs across the United States and the world are building innovative start-ups in 2020. Mature corporations, too, are taking advantage of their advanced positions to get ahead of the curve. And their lawyers certainly have a lot of work to do. They’re still launching products and competing to lead their industry; they’ll do so on an even greater scale after financial setbacks of the novel coronavirus are reduced. More stocks soared over 400% in Q1-Q3 than any other similar period since 2000, and the IPO market is the busiest it’s been in years, reports the Wall Street Journal. There is no doubt that this year and next will be absolutely critical in determining who forges ahead and who’s left behind.

But isn’t “success” harder to achieve in the age of coronavirus? Not always, if you know who to call. During these turbulent times, companies must seek out faster, better, and cheaper methods to execute their essential functions. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. By now, #AI has developed into more than just a chatbot. Take the BlueFoot SaaS platform, for example. It can compile data on your competitors and display their revenues, products, patent publications, and M&A activities -- view the data by industry, or choose to see it by continental region. The flexibility and ease of use allow clients to benchmark their own company’s stats against its competitors in unprecedented and insightful ways. After checking out the SaaS platform, take a look at BlueSize, our interactive dashboard that gives you personalized and accurate recommendations for how you can make the most of your patent portfolio today.

As we said, the successful companies will be the ones figuring out the faster, better, and cheaper ways to conduct business. There’s no time to lose, so consider BlueFoot to help you, or your clients, be that success story.

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