How to Right-Size your Patent Portfolio in Two Clicks (BlueSize: A Series, Part 1)

How to Right-Size your Patent Portfolio in Two Clicks (BlueSize: A Series, Part 1)

We all know that right-sizing your company’s patent portfolio is essential to maintaining a successful business. But how do you know where to start?

Our story begins with Rachel and Ramya. They both always knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs and when their paths crossed serendipitously in 2012 working together as patent counsel, they discovered they had business chemistry.

In an earlier post, we shared five trending industries that experienced VC investment growth before and during the pandemic. How do we handle patents in these high-growth industries, where companies are all competing to be market leader? That’s where BlueSize comes in. BlueSize, our interactive portfolio recommendation dashboard, helps us determine how much each major player in the Cloud industry should increase their patent portfolio, given the competitive landscape. For our analysis, we homed in on the hypervisor, a building block of cloud computing, and took a stab at comparing some of the market leaders in this product category. Spoiler alert: in our next post, we will focus on foreign filing recommendations as well!

But back to the portfolio size recommendations and the data related to them: the results were unexpected! VMWare had, by far, the highest number of patent families; Alibaba was ranked 3rd in revenue and last in number of patent families; and Microsoft had almost double the number of patent families as Amazon, even though Amazon doubles Microsoft in revenue.

What was not unexpected – BlueSize recommended every company increase their patent portfolio in this space. These recommendations, however, were customized for each company based on benchmarking patent and revenue trends in that product category.

BlueSize uses potential revenue exposure to show the strength of one company’s patent portfolio against its competitive landscape in a particular product category. A positive revenue exposure indicates that the company would likely have a monetary pay day if it got into a contentious activity like litigation or licensing against its competitive landscape. Contrastingly, a negative revenue exposure means that the company may lose money in such a contentious activity against its competitors. When a company is trying to increase market share in a product category, decreasing revenue exposure often goes hand in hand.

Just like we have seen with Amazon, Microsoft, and Alibaba, BlueSize can change the patent game for your organization, too. BlueSize provides specific, data-driven direction so that your company can right-size its patent portfolio while saving time and money in the process. Are you ready to start BlueSizing your portfolio?

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