What's a BlueFoot?

What's a BlueFoot?

Many of you know Rachel Lee and Ramya Possett, the founders of BlueFoot, Inc. However, you probably don’t know the story of how they got started, or about the background behind our mascot, BlueFoot.

Our story begins with Rachel and Ramya. They both always knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs and when their paths crossed serendipitously in 2012 working together as patent counsel, they discovered they had business chemistry.

Fast forward to 2018, when Rachel and Ramya were brainstorming names for their new company. This new company would use artificial intelligence to marry patent and revenue data. It was very important to them to stay true to themselves and to what they wanted their company to do. Rachel and Ramya were constantly trying to improve, to evolve themselves, and they wanted their company to evolve corporate strategy with the insights from correlating patent and revenue data. They knew they wanted a name that related to evolution and immediately thought of the Galápagos.

A cluster of Pacific islands located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands played an essential role in Charles Darwin’s 1859 development of the theory of evolution. While observing the Galápagos himself, Darwin wondered how the animal wildlife there could be closely related to but clearly distinct from native species on the distant mainland. He realized that, after underwater volcanoes formed the islands in relatively recent times (less than three million years prior), strong winds and currents pushed several coastal animals all the way to the islands. The species must have been forced to physiologically adapt over time in order to survive and thrive in this new environment, eventually evolving into new pedigrees. Since this discovery, the Galápagos has become an international symbol of evolution.

“Galápagos” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, so they decided to go another route – with animals on the island that inspired the theory of evolution. Then came Rachel’s “Eureka” moment – the blue-footed booby. Both Rachel and Ramya were in love with this animal, a Galapagan marine bird appropriately named for its signature bright blue feet. Just like their new company, the blue-footed booby was something different. It was memorable, fun, and a little quirky too.

When Rachel and Ramya found out the name BlueFoot was available to incorporate in the state of Delaware (a miracle considering it is the domicile of over a million American corporations), they knew it was fate.

Then, Rachel and Ramya took the next step and contacted long-time friend, artist and designer, Holly Anne Burns, to help them create a brand mascot. Holly started the design process by digging in deep to find out as much as she could about what was important to them, their company and their soon-to-be clients. After many conversations with Rachel and Ramya, and many rounds of hand-drawn sketches and refinements, the BlueFoot mascot was born (pictures above of some of the evolved sketches). It embodies the quirky fun, authentic yet practical, and smart brand that Rachel and Ramya showcase in every aspect of the company.

So, what is BlueFoot? It is the new way to evolve your corporate strategy with data-driven software solutions. It is innovative and agile and can react quickly to help you solve your hardest strategy problems, with a fun and quirky team you will love to work with.

It’s time to find a new Strategy.
It’s time for BlueFoot.